Copper Sinks

Copper Sinks

Signature Series Sinks: All Signature Series copper sinks, undermount or drop-in copper sinks are totally customizable to any size down to the 1/16”. They are made using 48 oz. (.070 thick), pure American copper. They all have 1.5” radius corners on the sides and bottom of the sink bowl. Undermounts will have a 1.5” rim around top and square corners to give more space to attach it with. Drop-in sinks will be made the same way, but the rim will have 1.5” radius corners to match the sink bowl, it will also have a ¼” bent down all the way around it for a caulk rim. Signature Series sinks in a farmhouse style will have an apron front that has the same radius corners as the bowl, but the apron will be taller and wider than the sink bowl to cover up the hole that will need to be cut out of your cabinets for the sink to slide in. Farmhouse sinks can be made in under mount or drop-in style. All sinks can have a living finish, be waxed included in price or have a clear coat applied for an extra charge.

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Traditional Series Sinks go back to a simpler time when copper artisans could only do simple shapes and fabrication when it came to sinks. These are a more straight line type of sink. Everything is square in shape and angle. Our Traditional Series is a cost effective sink compared to our Signature Series sinks. They are made using 48 oz. (.070 thick), pure American copper. Since the copper sinks are square with no radius corners, it is an easier style of sink for us to fabricate.

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Bar & Prep Copper Sinks

Create a smaller sized sink with a one-of-a-kind look using our beautiful design ideas for your bar or for your cooking preparation area in the kitchen. Bar sinks are a smaller alternative to a full size sink for your wet bar to save space. Prep sinks are usually installed by the cook top or on an island countertop. They are typically for washing, cutting, and preparing vegetables. It is usually a good idea to have a garbage disposal attached to prep sinks. All of our sinks can come in a living finish, be waxed included in price or have a clear coat added for an extra charge. We recommend a clear coat for bar and prep sinks, any wax will wear away quickly in a sink that is used mostly for certain fruits and drinks.  

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Bath Sinks

Installing a copper bath sink in your home can enhance the look of your bathroom, giving the room an entirely new and unique feel. Even for the budget-minded person, a single bathroom renovation can be as simple as changing the bath sink. Circle City Copperworks copper bath sinks offer an easy way to realize the updates that you are looking for without spending large amounts of money. Our bath sinks come in a wide variety of styles: drop in, under mount and vessel style copper sinks. As with all of our sinks, they come in hammered and smooth copper and you can choose from any of our copper patina's.

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Custom Copper Sinks

Here at Circle City Copperworks it is easy for us being a custom shop to be able to do about any size or shape of a copper sink that you can imagine. It can be for anywhere that you wish to have a sink. Some examples include a large box sink for a restaurant that is ADA compliant or a free flowing organic sink for your kitchen. Take a look at some of our examples below. Give us a call at 317-284-0687 or a send us a sketch, picture by email or fax at 317-284-0688 and we will be a able to give you a quote and a CAD drawing of what your design will look like.

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