Circle City Copperworks Traditional Copper Sinks

Circle City Copperworks Traditional Copper Sinks

**All prices displayed are estimates.

CCC's Traditional Series are a little more economical in pricing.  Traditional Series copper sinks go back to a simpler time when copper artisans could only do simple shapes and fabrication when it came to sinks. These are a more straight line type of sink. Everything is square in shape and angle. Our Traditional Series, is for customers who want a  more contemporary look, when compared to our Signature Series sinks. These are made from 32 oz.(.0430 thick, 18 gauge) pure American copper just like the Signature Series sinks. Since the copper sinks are square with no radius corners, it is an easier style of sink for us to fabricate, so there is a small price difference between our two series.

All Traditional Series sinks come in farmhouse, under mount or drop-in and are customizable to any size within 1/16”. Under mounts will have a 1.5” rim around top and square corners to give more space to attach it with. Drop-in sinks will be made the same way, but the rim will have a ¼” bent down all the way around it for a caulk rim. Farmhouse sinks will have an apron front that has the same square corners as the bowl, but the apron will be taller and wider than the sink bowl to cover up the hole that will need to be cut out of your cabinets for the sink to slide in. Farmhouse sinks can be made in under mount or drop-in style. We can radius the corners of the drop-in sinks and the apron front on the farmhouse sinks, upon request. All of our sinks can come in a living finish, be waxed included in price or have a clear coat applied for an extra charge.

Circle City Copperworks handmade Traditional Series copper kitchen sinks feature true craftsmanship, durability and enduring style. Copper is a beautiful and practical medium for your kitchen design. Our custom , to order copper sinks possess an eye catching look which is both stylish and unique. Please give us a call at 317-284-0687 for any custom ideas you may have, we will be happy to assist you.

Picture of Square Inside Corner Welds.

This is what the inside corners of a Traditional Series sink will look like. We try to keep the welds as small as possible, to stay in the range of an 1/8" to 3/16" radius on the weld. This beveled weld will help keep any food particles from getting stuck in the corners.

Smooth Single Bowl Farmhouse

This is a copper apron front sink with a 1.5" outer flange and 3.5" drain hole. The Sink is done in a Flamed patina with a spray bottle finish over that to give it a varied finish. It is made with 48 oz. American Copper and has 90 degree square corners. This particular sink is 31” long by 17” wide and 8” deep. We can place the drain in any location if needed. Please give us a call at 317-284-0687 for pricing and size options.

Hammered Single Bowl Farmhouse   (sold for $1,200)

Shown sink measures 30"x16"x7" inside dimensions with a 1.5" outer flange and 3.5" drain hole. It is pictured in a Medium Brown patina. This sink comes with square corners and sides and is handmade in the USA from pure 48 oz. American copper. No lead, tin, or arsenic like you will find in cheaper foreign products. For custom sizing outside of the dimensions listed, please call us at 317-284-0687.

Hammered Double Bowl Farmhouse   (sold for $1,935)

The Shown sink measures 15"x15"x 7” inside dimensions for each bowl and a 1 ¼” divider between them. It is pictured in a varied Light Brown patina. This sink comes with squared corners and sides and is handmade in the USA from pure 48 oz. American copper. No lead, tin, or arsenic like you will find in cheaper foreign products. For all pricing and questions, please call Circle City Copperworks direct at 317-284-0687.

Hammered Double Bowl Drop-in Undermount   (sold for $1,300)

This sink is an undermount application with a Light Brown patina. Each bowl is 15”x 15” x 7” with a 1 ¼” divider. We do these sinks with square corners, and 3.5” drain holes. As with all Traditional style sinks it is made out of 48 oz. pure American copper. All Traditional sinks will have a small weld bead in all of the corners. Please give us a call at 317-284-0687 for pricing and size options.

Solid Copper Drains For Our Sinks   

Our drains are solid American copper and made by us. We can color these to match whatever patina you choose for your sink. The one on the left is the disposal drain and will fit Insinkerator® type units with 3 3/8" ID as well as most Kenmore® , KitchenAid®, Maytag® , Jenn Aire® , and select models of Whirlpool®. Will not fit Franke® Waste King, or Whirlaway® models. The right drain is our strainer drain, it comes with a PVC bottom for easy installation, these two drains can be used for prep sinks also. The smaller one in the front and middle is our smaller prep or bathroom sink drain for 2" opening. The price for drains is $150 with the purchase of a sink only.

We can do the Traditional Style sinks in any of the shapes and applications that are on the Signature Series page.

Circle City Copperworks will add a classic look to your kitchen after installing our custom made copper signature kitchen sink. Above, you can see from our portfolio, the different types of copper kitchen signature sinks, each seen are custom made by the finest standards. More home owners realize that copper kitchen signature sinks are both beautiful and functional in any kitchen. New home owners install copper kitchen sinks to accentuate their kitchen's beauty, to add character to a room by installing a copper item. Copper kitchen sinks add class to any gourmet kitchen when you select from our custom and pre-designed copper sinks. Choose today to remodel your kitchen with one of our copper kitchen sinks!

Everything Circle City Copperworks fabricates is custom and hand-made here in Indianapolis, Indiana from pure American copper. These pictures are provided to give you an idea of what we can fabricate. Design anything you want using these as ideas, or use your own creativity to make a sketch to send to us. We can change our products around using different design elements from any of our products. Call us at 317-284-0687 with your ideas. You can either email or fax us your sketches at 317-284-0688. We will get back to you promptly and will walk you through the whole process of making your design become real.