**All prices displayed are estimates.

Sample Policy:

Circle City Copperworks is happy to send out actual copper sample chips. Our policy is that we charge $10.00 per sample, and $15.00 to ship the samples. We will then send those samples to you, with a pre-paid shipping padded envelope inside the original package. Once you decide upon which finish you wish your custom copper product to have based on these samples, we ask that you ship those samples back to us in the pre-paid return envelope. If you send those samples back to us, and place an order, we will then REFUND that amount that you paid for the samples. We DEDUCT that sample cost off of your invoice. So essentially the samples are free if you place an order.

We have this policy for three reasons:

  1. These actual copper samples are very expensive to make, and it would be very expensive if we continually shipped free samples.
  2. Clients often ask for variations in our patinas, (for example, light mottled, but a little darker, or more streaks, etc.), which we are always happy to provide those variations at no additional cost. When we make these variations, we would like the actual sample back so we make sure we match it while applying the patina to the actual product. These patinas are done like art work, they are custom, and hand applied. There will be variations, but we want to make sure we match it with your chosen finish so it matches your expectations.
  3. We want to make sure that a custom copper product absolutely what you wish to have fabricated and the budget pricing is just as you expected. We like our customers to feel completely informed and comfortable working with us, before we get to the finalizing of the purchase. Finish choices typically do not affect pricing, so we like to keep the finish as one of the last specifications that we finalize.