Copper Rangehood Options

Copper Rangehood Options

These are just a few of the many options and trim offerings that can be designed in our Copper Rangehoods. Everything on this page is just to give you a better idea of what our trims, clavos, and straps look like up close. Remember that we are fully custom, and can do almost any custom trim that you can design. We just need a drawing or picture to help us create and fabricate the custom trim. The same thing goes with the clavos, rivets and fasteners. We have several vendors that supply us. Send us a picture of the part that interests you, and we can find it and install it on your custom copper product! At the bottom of the page is a picture walk through of the RH 7.1 Copper Rangehood.


Pictured is a group of some of the clavos we can get to add to our rangehoods and countertops. Starting at the left; is two pyramid shaped clavos in an antique copper color, the second pair is two round antique copper colored clavos, the third pair is two smaller pyramid shaped clavos, the top one is a antique brass color and the other is a wrought iron look in color. The last set is two smaller dome shapes, the top one is our solid copper rivet that we use the most. The one on bottom is a nickel plated clavo.

Half Round Trim 1

This is a half round trim with a square edge off of that. It is 2 1/2" tall and protrudes 1 1/4" overall. The ledge is 1 1/2" tall and is 5/8" thick. This trim can be used top or bottom of a rangehood.

Half Round Trim 2

This is a little different version of the same trim in the picture above. It measures 2 1/8" tall and protrudes 1 5/8". The ledge is 3/4" tall and protrudes 1/2". This trim can be used top or bottom of a rangehood.

Half Round Trim 3

This trim is 5 1/4" tall and protrudes 2 1/2" overall. The square legs are 1 1/2" tall and protrude 1". This trim can be used top or bottom on our rangehoods.

Crown Molding 1

This is one of our versions of a copper crown moulding. It is 3 1/16" tall and protrudes 2 3/4". It has many ledges and radii to make it really stand out. It is meant for the top of a rangehood to go up against the ceiling.

Crown Molding 2

This is more of a Colonial style crown moulding. It is 3 1/4" tall and protrudes 3 1/8" overall. It is meant for the top of a rangehood to go up against the ceiling.

Custom Design

This is a design a customer sent us to apply on their rangehood. We have the capablitities to do almost any design you choose by sending us a picture of what you would like done.

RH 7.1 walkthrough of fabrication

Cutting the pieces from flat sheets.

Sanding the separate pieces.

Bent the front and welded one corner.

After the front was welded, we put the back together.

After we cleaned the welds, it was time for the straps.

This is what it looks like before final sand and patina.

This is the final product.